"Songs of the Mysticeti"  

We are in the midst of creating an LP for your listening enjoyment!

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Spirit Whale Multimedia

Magic is Everywhere

Songs that you may enjoy!

 Soulful Toes "Impressions of a Middle Cambrian Ocean"

                          +(with J. Baj and A. Tillman)

                       Soulful Toes "We Sing of Whales"

         +(with Pat Tailorpatch, C. Timberlake & Papa Bear, vocals)                                          

                     Soulful Toes "The Early Wind"

         +(with Jasper Bradley, guitar, keyboards) 

                       Soulful Toes "Novaeangliae"

  +(with Ed Tailorpatch, fiddle, mountain dulcimer)

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